MultiCapital Scorecard®

The world’s most advanced (and open-source) Triple Bottom Line performance accounting tool — a state-of-the-art solution for responsible management in the 21st-century!

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MultiCapital Scorecard

Imagine a performance measurement, management and reporting system that would make it possible for organizations to answer the questions they should all be asking themselves: How much is enough? And are we sustainable?


Capitalism in its dominant form is all about managing impacts on economic capitals. That’s the old economy, or what we call Monocapitalism. In the new economy, impacts on all vital capitals are managed. We call that Multicapitalism!

Beyond the Midas Touch

See T&M co-founder, Martin Thomas, explain the connections between the parable of King Midas and its modern day implications for Triple Bottom Line management and the advent of Multicapitalism.

Integrated Measurement / Integrated Reporting / Integrated Thinking

Rethinking Organizational Performance