The MultiCapital Scorecard (the book)

About the Book

The MultiCapital Scorecard: Rethinking Organizational Performance introduces and explains the world’s first context-based, fully integrated, triple bottom line performance accounting method for organizations and other human social systems. The method itself is open-source and can be used under a Creative Commons License.

Editorial Reviews

“We consider the MultiCapital Scorecard one of the most promising performance measurement models for integrated reporting that we have yet encountered.” Jostein Solheim, former CEO, Ben & Jerry’s

“[With the] MultiCapital Scorecard, managers now have the robust dashboard they need to understand how they’re really doing on environmental, social, and financial performance.” Andrew Winston, coauthor of Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More Than They Take

“The MultiCapital Scorecard provides the first multicapital reporting system that makes possible the practice of John Elkington’s triple bottom line.” Jane Gleeson-White, author of Six Capitals, or Can Accountants Save the Planet?

“Multicapitalism is a profound manifestation of early 21st century economic governance trends. But our capital markets, accounting, and governance systems are rooted in a one-dimensional history… That is why adoption of an integrated reporting model is so vital for the future success of the global economy and society… and also why I am delighted to welcome the publication of The MultiCapital Scorecard, an important milestone on this journey….” Paul Druckman, former CEO, International Integrated Reporting Council

“Thomas and McElroy’s emphasis on using context-based metrics is fundamental… the sustainability performance of organizations needs to be tracked relative to limits and thresholds in the world, as clearly illustrated by the MultiCapital Scorecard… a whole new generation of triple bottom line accounting.” Mathis Wackernagel, founder and CEO, Global Footprint Network

“In an interdependent world replete with social, ecological, and economic perils, multicapitalism is an idea whose time has come. With a blend of passion, pragmatism, and pedagogy, Thomas and McElroy chart a pathway to transforming a lofty concept into a critical operational tool for enterprise management in the 21st century.” Allen White, cofounder and former CEO, Global Reporting Initiative

How to Purchase the Book

Copies of the MultiCapital Scorecard book can be purchased either directly from Martin P. Thomas in the UK or from Yankee Bookshop in the U.S.