About Thomas & McElroy LLC


Thomas & McElroy LLC (T&M) is a Vermont-based company founded in 2013 by Martin Thomas and Mark McElroy with the express intent of developing a Triple Bottom Line implementation of Context-Based Sustainability. In that regard, T&M is the creator and owner of the intellectual property comprising the MultiCapital Scorecard™, the first and only context- and capital-based integrated measurement, management and reporting system. More about Messrs. Thomas and McElroy can be found below.

Martin P. Thomas, MA, MSc, FCMA, FCIS, CGMA 

Martin-02Martin Thomas came to sustainability thinking after completing his MSc in Consulting & Coaching for Change, chairing The Change Leaders (tCL) and 34 years in Unilever. He headed Unilever’s global strategic planning activities and then had responsibility for several mergers, acquisitions, disposals and international ventures in various countries at different times. His work was international, mainly at subsidiary executive board level, conducted in four languages and living consecutively on four continents. Since 1999 he has been consulting as call4change and has taken on interim management assignments in various organizations.

Martin’s publications include chapters on ‘Scenarios in Venezuela’, in “Business Planning for Turbulent Times” (Earthscan 2008) written by members of the Oxford Futures Forum, and on ‘Performance that Lasts’ in “New Eyes” published by The Change Leaders (2013).

His focus on measuring organizational performance towards sustainable futures started in 2007 when he decided to complement the activities of tCL colleagues in New Angles by operationalizing the “triple bottom line” concepts.

While presenting to The Centre for Social & Environmental Accounting Research at St. Andrews, Martin linked up with Mark McElroy. Since 2011 they have been extending Context-Based Sustainability principles and practices to include financials. EMAIL: [email protected]

Mark W. McElroy, PhD 

Mark McElroy is an accomplished innovator, consultant, author and educator in the theory and practice of corporate sustainability management. He is founder and Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Organizations and is particularly well known for his development of Context-Based Sustainability, an approach to sustainability measurement, management and reporting in which performance is assessed relative to limits in, and demands for, vital capitals in the world.

Dr. McElroy is also a long-time veteran of management consulting, having spent much of his career at Price Waterhouse, KPMG (as a partner in the U.S. firm), IBM Consulting, and Deloitte Consulting, where he founded and led the Center for Sustainability Performance in Boston, MA.

Apart from his work with organizations to help implement the MultiCapital Scorecard, Dr.McElroy is also involved in a number of industry and international efforts aimed at furthering multicapitalism and sustainability accounting in commerce. Of particular note is his work with Social Accountability International to help create a Triple Bottom Line accounting certification for organizations, and his role as special advisor to the United Nations on its 4-year project to develop a new set of context-based sustainability performance indicators for organizations (the Sustainable Development Performance Indicators).  McElroy’s innovations in sustainability accounting are prominently featured in both cases.

Dr. McElroy earned his PhD in Economics and Business from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands in 2008, after which he taught courses in sustainability theory and practice in the MBA program at Marlboro College in Vermont. He is Board Chair Emeritus at the Donella Meadows Institute, now a part of the Academy for Systems Change. EMAIL: [email protected]