MultiCapital Scorecard Masterclass

Has your organisation any of the following questions?

  • Our stakeholder views are so diverse and conflicting, how can we possibly incorporate them into a single strategic direction?
  • What are our true impacts; how do we know if we are sustainable or not?
  • How do we tackle the pressing needs of today, whilst planning to be sustainable and resilient in the future?
  • If intangibles make 80% of shareholder value, how can we protect and grow them, protecting shareholder value?
  • How do we tackle the new IIRC requirements for reporting across six capitals?

There are many drivers that trigger these questions. They range from reporting frameworks and guidelines such as the GRI and IIRC to the myriad of ESG ratings agencies. Stakeholders are asking for more disclosure and want to understand more about the social and environmental impacts of companies. The investor and accountancy communities are getting to grips with evaluating companies differently, going beyond their financial performance. This is the advent of a new era. We refer to this as Multicapitalism. Essentially, focusing on profit alone is no longer good enough, stakeholders want more.  But how do we grapple with this complexity and measure progress.

The MultiCapital Scorecard helps provide the answers. It is a toolkit which uses a Context-Based Sustainability approach to determining how much is enough to be sustainable across all capitals. It feeds into integrated reporting, weights the capitals based on the specific company’s analysis. It sets sustainability norms and periodic targets to meet those norms.

If you’re interested in building a sustainable and resilient business, please join Martin Thomas and Dave Baxter for an interactive masterclass in Johannesburg on Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th October 2016.

Masterclass Details:

Venue: The Peech Hotel, Melrose, Johannesburg
Dates: Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th  October 2016
Cost: R6,000 (fully catered)
For bookings: David Baxter 083 267 7845 |